One thing the public service is good at is coining acronyms which, as one of my colleagues put it, “mean SFA to most of us”. I have forgotten the meaning of the projects known as RAMS and TROPPO, and you probably don’t need to know the meaning of such computer programs as PRODIMS and RAD, but here is a list of frequently utilised acronyms which you will find useful while reading the text, or discussing matters with officers of the Department.
AAT: Administrative Appeals Tribunal
A/Ds: accepted disabilities (war- or defence-caused injuries or diseases)
APA: American Psychiatric Association
CCPS: Computer Claims Processing System
DSM-IV: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition
DP: disability pension
DVA: Department of Veterans’ Affairs
EDA: Extreme Disablement Adjustment
ESOs: ex-service organisations
FESR: Far East Strategic Reserve
GARP: Guide to the Assessment of Rates of Veterans’ Pensions
MRCA: (pronounced “merca”) Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act
PTSD: post traumatic stress disorder
R/Ds: rejected disabilities (non- war- or defence-caused injuries or diseases)
RMA: Repatriation Medical Authority
RSL: Returned and Services League of Australia
RRT: Repatriation Review Tribunal
SoP: Statement of Principles
SP(OA): service pension on the grounds of old age
SP(PI): service pension on the grounds of permanent incapacity
SRCA: (pronounced “serca”) Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act
TPI: totally and permanently incapacitated
TTI: totally and temporarily incapacitated
VEA: Veterans’ Entitlements Act
VRB: Veterans' Review Board